Iowa SBDC Assistance for Businesses Affected by Flooding

Iowa SBDC Flood AssistanceThe Iowa Small Business Development Centers are  state wide system providing free services  for small businesses and start-ups in Iowa.

Floods are the most common disaster to affect communities.  With or without a federal disaster declaration, Flood damage can severely affect business operations.

The Iowa Small Business Development Centers can help in preparing for the devastating results of a flood as well as assisting in the aftermath of disaster.
As with all of our consulting services, there is no charge for the confidential disaster assistance provided by the Iowa Small Business Development Centers.

Highly trained, disaster – experienced SBDC advisors through the state of Iowa will assist Small Businesses with the following:

Pre-Disaster Planning

  • Disaster Preparedness and business continuity planning – whether you are putting a plan in place for future disaster or preparing for disasters in the forecast – the SBDC can help businesses make sure that businesses can run and function as well as possible before, during and after evacuations.
  • Assistance with finding short-term and permanent replacement facilities

Financial Assistance

  • Financial Reviews – to help determine business cash flows pre-disaster and to determine extent of damage and economic impact to assist with insurance claims and/or loans to restore business operations.
  • Re-creation of lost financial records – if all or partial records are lost in the disaster.
  • Preparing for loans – Help with loan applications to restore business operations/losses and if applicable help with federal, state and local recovery assistance loans
  • Insurance claim assistance

Marketing and/or Business Strategy Development

  • To help businesses prepare a marketing strategy to communicate with existing customers, new customers, suppliers, vendors, etc.
  • Help businesses evaluate business operations and supply chains and possible disruptions to develop communication plans.
  • Environmental and efficiency concerns – assisting and identifying resource to help businesses restore their businesses according to government standards and to continue to conduct business as efficiently as possible.
  • Manufacturing Process Analysis – connecting businesses with resources in Iowa to help with restoring operations efficiently and effectively. (CIRAS)
  • Identifying and addressing other issues of concern for affected businesses

SBDC Contact Information for 2011 Missouri River Flooding Contact Information

If you are in the counties of:  Pottawattamie, Mills, Harrison, Fremont, Shelby, Page and Cass
Sue Pitts at 712-325-3350  or Coreen Trost at 712-256-6552

If you are in the counties of: Cherokee, Crawford, Ida, Monona, Plymouth and Woodbury
Dan Wubbena at 712-274-6454

Iowa SBDC State Office: if you are unsuccesful with the above numbers call the State SBDC office for assistance.